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katalydd Digital Marketing -Social Media Campaign Metro health checkup





Customer Engagement & Loyalty


Kunnil Hyper Market


February 2019


Manesh Damodaran


Kunnil Hyper Market, Trivandrum’s largest retailer, sought to increase the market share for all their products. They were having the notion that their customers’ digital media consumption habits were fragmenting and shifting across devices and platforms, making it harder than ever to find and convert new customers.

Kunnil Management wants to reach new customers (specifically targeting IT Professionals, doctors, bankers, etc) and existing customers at the same time.


In order to increase market share, we devised a strategy focusing on remarketing, shopping ads and cost-saving creative aimed to target customers on all levels.

Market intelligence allowed us to identify consumer targets and associated buying behaviors and build a comprehensive recommendation to target and convert the highest value audiences.


Our strategy and Paid Social Media Campaigns,resulted in a higher percentage of customer engagement in various platforms,especially Facebook, which ultimately leads to a good share of the overall market.,


Social Media engagements increased from 0.5% to 8%.

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