katalydd Digital Marketing -Social Media Campaign Metro health checkup
katalydd Digital Marketing -Social Media Campaign Metro health checkup





Growth in Paid Social Media




July 2018


Soumya Rose John


A leading regional healthcare organisation was getting only modest results from a paid social program administered in-house. They approached Katalydd to manage the campaign at the same spending level, anticipating improved results.

Using proven social media tools – custom audiences, lookalike models and interest categories – Katalydd defined a more targeted audience. Also developed: new landing pages, speaking directly to the needs of the audience and optimized for conversion.


An immediate increase in both the number of leads created and the number of leads converted. Based on the enhanced response, the client released more budget. Katalydd was able to more than double the scale of the program while still delivering the same cost-per-lead. Through continuous testing and ongoing analytics, campaign results continued to exceed plan.

Valuable insights provided by Katalydd included: 95% of response came via mobile devices; the majority of leads came from Facebook, yet 12% were delivered from Instagram; and, 78% of initial responders returned via search in less than one month. From these analytics, Katalydd’s strategic team further optimized the campaign to drive even more conversions.


20% Growth in leads generated, Doubled program scale and maintained cost-per-lead.


Hallow effect from campaign, Grew search and repeat visitors.

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